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Chew Eng Han

Mrs Light n Friends provided this insightful report to what Chew Eng Han said in court on Tuesday morning, the 27th of January, 2015:

Topic – EH’s trust in Kong Hee, Sun Ho’s honour and integrity 

Eng Han opened the first email exhibit (E-783 dated 18 November 2009)

This email was written after Xtron bonds had been drawn down, Firna bonds was already in place. The advance rental had already happened as well.

The chain of this email was Dr. Albert (the same pastor that Roland Poon spoke to) wrote to Kong Hee and sent him an article from the Star.

The tile is “Crisis rocks Calvary Church”, and this is the church in KL. The article talks about how, in the first line, the Calvary church is rocked with controversy over alleged mismanagement of funds. And there’s a group of church members, who call themselves the Truth, Transparency and Good Governance Group, or TTG that they are demanding for accountability and transparency over the use of church funds from the Calvary Church’s Board of Deacons (BOD) led by senior pastor (SP) Rev. Tan Sri Prince Guneratnam……. The disagreement, among others, includes the rising construction costs of the Calvary Convention Centre at Bukit Jalil, alleged transfer of substantial funds from the church into the accounts of a personal ministry headed by the SP without members’ knowledge, poor financial management, claims of nepotism, and the sacking of a well-respected deacon for speaking out.

Pastor Kong then forwarded this to Tan Ye Peng, Derek Dunn, Aries, Meng How and Eng Han. He says: “fyi … sad…. Prince Guneratnam is a good man. I doubt if the allegations are true.”

So here we have a situation of a church, also a high-profile church, into its building project as well, just like CHC, over the alleged mismanagement of building fund and some allegations about possible personal benefit as well. Kong Hee than stands for Prince Guneratnam’s integrity. and to me, what Kong Hee said, that Prince Guneratnam is a good man, it counts a lot to me, because I trusted in Kong Hee’s integrity. And this was after all the bonds had been done. The round-tripping is over, or it’s all in progress, and your Honour, I don’t think that it is possible for co-conspirators, who have done so many sham bonds and sham transactions, to be discussing whether Prince is a good man or not, because if all of us were equally bad or even worst than Prince, we wouldn’t be commenting on him like this.

Tan Ye Peng at the top of the email wrote:

Eng Han, we have to be ready for complaint…
So we cannot just take it for granted about the advance rental to XPL.

Tan Ye Peng is now talking about the ARLA that has just been done. But, your Honour, if this was a conspiracy to defraud the auditors, I don’t think Tan Ye Peng will call it a complaint. A complaint is done by people who may not understand the nature of the transactions and start to grumble, some of them louder than others. But, certainly, if it was a conspiracy to defraud auditors, I don’t think TYP would have called it a complaint. He will have said something like, “We’d better be ready in case we get exposed”.
Your Honour, it’s very difficult for each of us to present our state of mind when the transactions were done, but I think it’s little clues like this that tells us from the language used whether all six of us were in a conspiracy or not.

I value Kong Hee’s assessment of Prince, and if Kong Hee had been doing bad things, evil things, I would have probably replied to him, “Hey, who are you to comment about Prince, whether he’s a good man?” It just doesn’t make sense.
Eng Han opened the next email exhibit (E-787)
Kong Hee wrote to all his staffs and to the board as well, and he copied to Eng Han.

Dear All,
Sun has an important audition for the Beijing Olympics this coming Friday, Feb 29, and she is down with a full-blown flu. (Dayan is also down with severe cold and mild ear infection.)

Along the way, when Sun has important events relating to the Crossover, now and then we will get updates, including myself. And as I receive these updates, to me, these are all validation of the work that Sun was doing, that it was real, she is progressing, God is blessing her work and God is opening up doors for her, to such an extent that she was invited to an audition to sing at the Beijing Olympics.

Eng Han went on to read the next page of the email, Kong Hee wrote:

This Friday, Jackie Chan and a number of TV and news media will be there for the audition. Sun is supposed to sing 2 songs. She is hyper-stressed. Her body is struggling with fatigue and exhaustion from her US concert tour and recording.

So this thing tells us that there is real work being done in the US. She tried, she is working very hard with her recording of concert tours. She has opened doors to meet with superstars like Jackie Chan. All this speaks of success, or potential success.
Eng Han continue to read the email, Kong Hee wrote:

Please pray fervently for her full recovery and anointed performance.

Again, your Honour, if we had been in conspiracy for a couple of years, I don’t see how a co-conspirator could ask another one to pray fervently. If everything was a sham, what is there to pray for?

The last line of the email wrote:

Thanks a lot for your love and support for Sun. Please pray a lot for her.

The language that is being used speaks of a relationship of love and trust, a common belief in a common cause.

The top of the email chain, Eng Han replied to Kong’s email:

Don’t mention, Pastor. I know how hard it is for Sun, this is what we need to do for her, pray.

And I honestly believed that Sun was doing lots of work, it was good work. This email not just gives clues as to, from the language used, whether there was, indeed, a conspiracy. It also talks about the relationship I had or I thought I had with Kong Hee and Sun, the belief that I had, that this work that she set out to do was a good work that will be blessed by God and as we pray and have faith, the Crossover Project will succeed.
Eng Han opened another email exhibit (E-790 dated 11 October 2009).
Sun Ho wrote to Eng Han:

Eng Han and Janet,
Please know that I’m praying for Clair’s quick recovery all the way from LA!

Clair is my daughter and she had a lump in her neck and we were worried about it, and Sun was showing love and concern for my family. This is October 2009, right in the middle of the ARLA. I replied: “Thanks. Got to pray it is just a lymph node infection.”

Eng Han opened a blackberry message exhibit (BB-80). This is an email from Kong Hee to Eng Han.
Kong Hee wrote on 28 May 2010 at 1.30

Sun is super discouraged by the blogs. She feels shamed publicly. I am so sad.

This was 28 May. This is three days before the CAD raid and there are bloggers out there attacking Sun, attacking her abilities as a singer, among other attacks.
Eng Han replied:

These are the minority who try to amplify their few voices. Do let Sun know the truth is that we have thousands in and outside the church who support and love her.

At this point, I still believe Sun had popularity, that she had thousands of fans inside the church and outside the church as well and whatever critic she had did not form the majority but the minority. That’s how much faith and belief I had in Sun and in Kong Hee.
Kong Hee replied to Eng Han:

She feels all that her hard work is being publicly rubbished by these bloggers, especially by the insinuations that she is a failure as a singer who can’t sell albums!”

That got me mad, because I didn’t agree with that. Then I replied:

They are evil and want exactly to tear her down… we got to track them down.

That’s show how much conviction I had in this Crossover, in Kong Hee and Sun, that, if anyone were to falsely accuse them or attack their integrity or Sun’s ability, I was ready to pay a private investigator to go and track down who these bloggers are, using my own money. On top of that, I then write to Sun to comfort her:

Dear Sun,
Don’t think too much about these minority bloggers. They (only a handful) speak with malice but without full knowledge of the thing they attack, be it Suntec, AMAC, Xtron or yourself.

Your Honour, up to this stage, three days before the CAD raid, I still don’t think that whatever people were saying about AMAC or Suntec or Sun or Xtron, that there was no basis for whatever they were accusing us of, because, in my mind, they don’t have full knowledge of what we were actually trying to achieve.
Eng Han went on to tell Sun

We showed videos of your works at Asia Conference and it touched everyone, and that’s the real stuff that you are to the majority.

And I held that frame of mind from 2002, when the Crossover first started, all the way to this time, 28 May 2010.

Your Honour, I will turn to CEH-24 again (4.5 hours conversation exhibit), page 4, lines 13 to 20.  This is about the confession letter, and when I met with Kong Hee and Sun with my wife, we did talk about this.

Kong Hee says: “… Jimmy Yim told me:  You better come clean.  He got me to write a confession letter, are you aware of that?”

Then I said: “Hmm.”

Kong Hee said:
“I wrote the confession letter.  He asked me, he says:  Look, take the full responsibility for everybody.  I wrote the letter based on what Jimmy Yim told me. I said let everyone go.

At this time, your Honour, I knew the — about the existence of the confession letter, because Wahju Hanafi had told me, when he was trying to convince me to get back to the team, and he conveyed about the same message to me, that Kong Hee was willing to take full responsibility. And now Kong Hee tells me personally, and even said that he told CAD to let everyone go.

And up to this point in this conversation, I still believed him.  Although I discovered something about KL, I still chose to put my trust in him.  But when I saw the confession letter in court, I didn’t see any part where it says “let everyone go”.  And in the course of my discoveries, your Honour, from February 2013 up to today, I do find that there have been exaggerations, half-truths; things that are said are not what they really were. I put my trust in him.  I fought for him and his wife, but I think perhaps it was a mistake.


“Hey, that confession letter that you said you wrote, where is it right now?”

He said, “With Jimmy Yim”.  Because if it’s with Jimmy Yim — and at that time, I was still on good terms with Kong Hee –

“If it is with him, you’d better get it back from him and ask him what did you write in the letter? Where is it?”
And now I’m recalling back, because my frame of mind keeps changing as events keep happening, and at that time I still trusted him.  But now, when I recall back and I — when I asked that question, “Where is it?  What did you write in it?”, and I didn’t get any answer from him.  He looked at me with a blank stare and didn’t give me a good answer, and that is one of the reasons why I thought that there was really a confession letter being written.


I’ve known Pastor Kong to be someone that keeps things that are important. He will keep copies of it he will keep a soft copy of it.  I remember when I went on mission trip with him, he told me that every prophecy that was spoken to him, he has it on his computer.  And I’m surprised that a confession letter like this, that’s so important, that he will testify in court that he only has a hard copy and he doesn’t know where the soft copy is.
If Jimmy forgot (to bring the confession letter to the CAD), he could have just used his phone, asked somebody to bring it down.

There were two occasions when Kong Hee said no church funds were used: one was after the Roland Poon saga in 2003; and one was at a special meeting of the executive members, just before the CAD raid, and that’s in 2010.
In 2010, by then, we had already — the church had already invested in the Xtron bonds and Firna bonds and the proceeds had gone into the Crossover.  So, at that meeting, apparently, Pastor Kong told the executive members that no church funds had ever been used for
the Crossover, and he said that in 2010.  However, I was at that meeting, but I didn’t hear it. …….

And basically that’s what Mr Foong did say to Kong Hee, that, if it’s borrowed, if Xtron had borrowed money from church but Xtron pays it back, then Mr Foong said, “Yes, technically, church funds have not been used”, and I’ll testify to the accuracy of that, which
I believe Kong Hee testified as well. But, really, your Honour, the important part of it is not whether, in the end the — it’s not — what is the result of the debate, whether it is used or not used, is not important.  It’s really the intention behind it.

Your Honour, I’d like to clarify, before lunch I related the Roland Poon incident and about how the statement was made that “no church funds were used”, and I say that, today, we can’t say that no church funds were used in relation to 2003.  And the reason is this: at that time in 2003, I believed Kong Hee’s version, which is that Wahju Hanafi intended his Building Fund money — or, rather, his monies, $1.3 million – it wasn’t meant for Building Fund, he had intended it, from the start, to be used to finance the Crossover, and that a mistake had been made, probably by the accounts people, who thought that it was for Building Fund.
And, therefore, to reflect his original intention, it is right, then, to reverse out of whatever errors there are and to put the money into whichever vehicle was doing the Crossover.  And I agreed then in 2003 that no church funds were used.
Today I have a different frame of mind, because when I recollect the chain of events, that Pastor Kong told me that Wahju intended it, the money, to be for the Crossover, he never meant it for the Building Fund, but when I see how he testified in court, your Honour, and he detached himself from the scene and he came up with a story where he said the board were discussing about this and one of them remembered that it was Wahju that wanted to contribute, it raises question marks in my mind.  Because if that was what really happened, and Wahju really intended it for the Crossover, what is there to hide?  And if you were the one that asked Wahju and confirmed, then just say it as it is.  Why do stories have to be twisted and cooked up?
Perhaps it was never so that Wahju intended it originally for the Crossover; he did intend it for the Building Fund. Perhaps things will change, so that the statement could be made that no church funds were used for the Crossover.

In the course of these proceedings, I’ve seen how evidence has been shaped — in some cases, created – to suit a certain line of defence.

Source: 27 Jan 2015 – Eng Han EIC (PM session) – EH’s trust in Kong Hee, Sun Ho’s honour and integrity, Mrs Light n Friends, http://mrslightnfriends.com/27-jan-2015-eng-han-eic-pm-session-ehs-trust-in-kong-hee-sun-honour-and-integrity, Published