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In our last article by “Was Jesus Poor?”, WJP? made this fantastic observation about Kong Hee’s false theology on Jesus and Jesus’ ministry:

“So, does this reason prove that Lord Jesus was rich? Something is not right here. It is true that Jesus has spent a lot of money in His ministry. And most of them are spent for the poor as can be seen in John 13:29 which says:

JOHN 13:29
For some of them thought, because Judas had the bag, that Jesus had said unto him, Buy those things that we have need of against the feast; or, that he should give something to the poor.

But what Kong Hee should also realize is that, the money is not our Lord Jesus’ personal money. It is the ministry’s money. It is the church’s money and not Jesus’. It came from the contributions of members as mentioned in Luke 8:1-3 and not the pastor’s personal money.

And no matter how hard Kong Hee tried to compare his ministry to that of our Lord Jesus, I do not think Kong Hee’s ministry can be likened to our Lord Jesus’ ministry. I don’t see even a slight similarity.

To give you just one example, Kong Hee’s ministry sells his sermons (You can order it in his website). But our Lord Jesus and his disciples have never and will never ever sell sermons to people who needed it, especially to the poor.”

Later in the same sermon, Kong Hee stated (for reason 5):

“Now another part of the bible tells us that Judas was embezzling the money to buy properties. Now that got to be a lot of money for you to steal in order for you to buy properties. If you’ve only a few pennies – how can you buy? What can you steal it for? So obviously Jesus had a lot of money.” [Source]

Apart from the biblical innacuracy in the above statement, it’s clear: Kong believes that Jesus was rich on the basis that the church money was Jesus’. It also appears that Kong’s Jesus was double dipping. By that, Kong seems to imply Jesus was rich personally and was rich through the ministry.

It should be pretty clear where we are heading with this train of thought. As WJP? also observed,

“Later in his speeck [sic], it became clear that his agenda is to explain his so-called Jesus’ sophisticated traveling organization which is ‘very expensive’, so he can justify his also ‘very expensive’ evangelical campaigns abroad. I will discuss this wild imagination of Kong Hee in next post.”

It is clear that Kong Hee has made up his own Jesus to justify his extravagant lifestyle.

– Kong Hee wants to be rich because his Jesus was rich.
– Kong Hee wants to travel expensively the same way his rich Jesus travelled expensively.
– Kong Hee is rich because of the church’s money the same way His Jesus is rich because of Jesus’ ministry’s money.

While it may appear to be conjecture on our behalf, we can’t help but notice how his theology in this sermon now reflects the current predicament he now faces in Singaporean courts.


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