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Chris Rosebrough recently exposed Kong Hee’s false theology on his Fighting for the Faith program. In this segment, Kong Hee reveals how heretic Peter Wagner endorses Kong Hee’s version of the Seven Mountain Mandate heresy.

Chris Rosebrough opens with this insight:

“Now what we’re going to be listening to is Kong Hee basically describing if you would what has come to be known as the Seven Mountains.

Now this is an important thing. Now what we’re going to be listening to is number one, a bible twist. This is definitely a bible twist. But we’re also going to be getting a little bit of history if you would of City Harvest Church and the idea and overarching methodological philosophy behind it.

The problem is is that the overarching methodological philosophy behind it is not biblical. No. In fact, let me ask you this: where in the bible do we get the office of the Vision Casting leader? Answer: that is not a biblical office. Correct!

So the problem here is that even if Kong Hee correctly handled God’s Word, the ecclesiology that he’s putting forward doesn’t square with scripture and is based upon twisting scripture. And ultimately this has a major impact because Christ has instituted the teaching office, (the office of the pastor), as of what the church is supposed to in a sense kinda centre around. And the job of the pastor is to feed and care for Christ’s sheep. But they’ve changed everything without any biblical warrant and without any – well lets just put it this way, go-ahead authority, given to them by Christ to change how Christ’s church is organised. And this is a problem. This is a huge problem which ultimately is going to impact the gospel itself.”

The review starts at 22 minutes in.


Source: Chris Rosebrough, ZimZum? Fighting for the Faith, http://www.fightingforthefaith.com/2014/10/zimzum.html, Published 09/10/2014. (Accessed 10/10/2014.)