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This document was recently uploaded to CHC Confessions.

CHC Document

(this memorandum has been written out at the bottom of this article.)

There are some very good comments on this document that you can read here on CHC Confessions. The most revealing comment was this one:

I vividly remember that ‘concert’. My sister’s friend who was from CHC asked my sis to go for the ‘concert’, offering her a concert ticket for $12. She said the rest was ‘subsidised’ by CHC.

Source: CHC Confessions, FaceBook, https://www.facebook.com/CHCConfessions/photos/a.595660750453306.1073741825.566792600006788/861766603842718/?type=1&reply_comment_id=861788967173815&total_comments=9, 09/09/2014, 19:34. (Accessed 10/09/2014.)


(January 2-4, 2004)

“And you shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free.” (Jn. 8:13)

{Lest Satan should take advantage of us;
for we are not ignorant of his devices.” (2 Cor, 1:22)

Sun’s coming public concert is NOT a Christian event organised by the Church.
Knowing Sun and her professionalism, the CHC Management Board is confident that
it is going to be a great show, a time of wholesome family fun. In order to prevent a
repeat of last year’s unpleasant charges, we do not want to give critical detractors
the occasion to take any more accusatory potshots at us.

As such, the Management Board wants to make it very clear that:

A. NOT a single dollar is used from the Church’s General or Building Funds to
organize the event. The concert is put together by Unusual Productions, a
secular event company that likes Sun and what she stands for.

B. Like any other concerts, Unusual Productions have found many corporate sponsors. NONE of these sponsors were approached or solicited by the Church.

C. NO ONE in the Church has been forced or pressured to go to the concert, buy
CDs or join the fan club.

We are very proud of Sun and her achievements in America, Europe and Asia. We
want to start the year right for her and for the Church. Please do pass this message

Thank you,