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Business Times reports,

Prosecution accuses Kong Hee of controlling all CHC-linked entities

THE founder of City Harvest Church had full control over not only the church but also church-linked entities, including Xtron Productions, the vehicle used to round-trip monies, said the prosecution.

Prosecutor Christopher Ong made the assertion as he grilled Kong Hee, 49, over several documents and e-mail correspondence between the latter and his team.

In particular, the court heard that in the minutes of an Xtron meeting in 2008, Kong was listed as the firm’s “invisible” manager, while the church’s chief operations officer Suraj was its “ghost” director.

Source: By Claire Huang, Prosecution accuses Kong Hee of controlling all CHC-linked entities, Business Times, http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/premium/top-stories/prosecution-accuses-kong-hee-controlling-all-chc-linked-entities-20140823, Published 23/08/2014. (Accessed 26/08/2014.)

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