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Phil Pringle said the following to CityNews this week about Kong’s case:

“I think moment by moment the Holy Spirit will be available to Pastor Kong and will guide him with wisdom. Throughout Scripture, anybody who under the pressure of examination found themselves with answers from the Holy Spirit, able to bring great answers that delivered them from all sorts of problems. Whether it was Daniel with the kings, Belteshazzar and others, whether it was Joseph with his jailors, whether it was Paul with kings or judges or high priests—all these people found in their moment of need, the Holy Spirit was there. Pastor Kong is a very diligent, faithful man and he has prepared himself the best he can. Between that and the Holy Spirit, he will find himself navigating this moment. The Lord will be in that courtroom, guiding everything that happens.” – Phil Pringle [Source]

Let us see if the “Holy Spirit” (also called the Spirit of Truth – John 14:16-17; John 16:13; 1 John 4:1-6) is with Kong as Phil says he is.

Here are some questions we thought you could share to CHC members.

Question 1:

Which Kong Do You Believe Beijing

Sources: Kong’s controversial email in court exposes Phil Pringle as a false prophet

Question 2:
WhichKongDoYouBelieve CHCCW

Sources: Straits Times tweets Kong Hee in court || Straits Times 2003 article

Question 3:
WhoDoYouBelieve CHCCW

Sources: PR.com Interview with Sun Ho || Straits Times tweets Kong Hee in court

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